Friday, January 14, 2005


Been posting mostly grey and black and white pictures of late, so I wanted to show something with more color. This is one of those paintings that I like a lot, but am not so pleased with the name. Really had no idea what else to call it. I should track the original down and take a digital picture so that I can show the beach that she is standing on (why is all art pads 9x12 and all scanners 8.5x11?).

Goddess of Rebirth
9x12, pastel on paper Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More Fun with Markers

For those of you who liked the horses in the markers (that simulated wash), here are some more. A much different subject matter and one closer to what I wish I could do when I grow up. Hrrrumph, I want to be a comic book artist!!!

The Battle
9x12, markers on Bristol paper Posted by Hello

The Killing Blow
9x12, markers on Bristol paper Posted by Hello

The Leap
9x12, markers on Bristol paper Posted by Hello

Thursday, January 06, 2005

More Japanese Style Art

I love Japanese Art and although I have done some work inspired by Japan (and some out right swipes), I do not think that it has really influenced my style all that much. In college, I had a friend, Johnie C, who could create manga-esque illustrations that would make Shirow Masamune proud but I never really wanted to draw like that. Sure I thought it was cool as hell, but for what ever reason, it was not a style that I tried to imitate.

This picture was originally supposed to done completely in colored-pencisl and have a pagoda in the background. Several failed attempts to draw a realistic looking pagoda (that was in perspective) convinced me to try something. . .simpler. After much deliberation, I went with the pastel background you see now. Part of me wishes that I stuck with original design and part of me likes this result.

Geisha 2
9x12, colored pencil with pen and ink and pastel on bristol Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Year. . .Old Art

I had hoped to post some new art work this week, but alas, the holiday break was not as productive as would have hoped. I blame it on the good books that I received and all those college Bowl Games. Don't fret, I have not forgotten about my latest pastel painting and I actually did do quite a bit of work on it. Just not enough to post. But soon.

This finishes up the rest of my commercial art work (unless I find another vault of forgotten art, which is always possible). This is my first and only foray into furniture illustration, pretty satisfying, but not my cup of tea. But it does demonstrate to some (and you know who you are) that I can draw more than landscapes and women who can kick my ass. So there :P

The illustration started with a light pencil sketch followed up by wash (I used a sumi stick and not dilute ink). When it dried, then the pen and ink details were added. I really really like this combination of techniques and this just goes to show how much more versatile I was back when I was a teen-ager. The technique for the add is exactly the same as the fashion figure (I have the original lettering, but I am sure everyone is bored with those large sans serif letters). This one was never wrapped in ascetate and got pretty beat up, sorry about the glue showing through.

About ten years ago I had the opportunity to have this illustration shot on film by a rather large and expensive machine. I love the negative plate, it is so cool.

Hopefully, I get back to painting. So look for more paintings of landscapes. . .and. . .uh, pictures of. . .well, you get the idea.

Furniture Illustration
1ox15, wash with pen and ink on board Posted by Hello

The negative plate for the funiture illustration. Posted by Hello

Furniture Ad Posted by Hello